Bottles of hot sauce. Fire For Effect! Bottles. Peppers cooking in the pot. Green peppers cooking on the grill. Red peppers cooking on the grill. Two red pepper grills. Bottles of hot sauce.

Hot from New Hampshire's own Chef Adam Parker

Fire For Effect! Logo

Our service members have dedicated their lives to goodwill toward men and women everywhere. Taking on the role of protectors, our five branches of the military each provide a special role in creating what helps make our country great: freedom! "Fire for Effect!" combines five special peppers to help represent each branch, along with characteristics they each hold dear. We will let you decide which level of “spicy” represents which military branch. Good luck!

Pull Fire LogoPull Fire Hot Sauce

Many years ago, maple syrup was made in hollowed out logs where hot burning rocks were dropped in to the opening and would cook the maple syrup. This took a lot of work and experience to make the perfect maple syrup. Over the last few hundred years, maple syrup was produced in evaporator tables that didn’t have the luxury of digital temperature gauges, heating elements, or proper cooling coils. In fact maple syrup was made by making a fire under the table and heating the syrup until the proper consistency was reached. It took time and patience, in addition to a watchful and ever-vigilant eye. To stop the cooking process, you couldn’t just spray water on it or you would risk smoke and ash falling into the syrup and ruining the tasty treat. At the right moment, even in the middle of the night, the syrup custodian would yell, “Pull Fire!” loudly into the night. Everyone would come running from their beds from as far as could be heard all over town to help “pull the fire” from under the flavorful syrup. People would use rakes, shovels, sticks, boards and wet rags wrapped around their arms to remove the fire. Pull Fire Hot Sauce is reminiscent of the searing heat they must have felt in this act of “Pulling Fire” from under the table to preserve their precious commodity and livelihood. Be a part of this historic tradition by enjoying our unique hot sauce commemorative of one of New Hampshire’s favorite past times… ”Pull Fire!”

Frog Slime LogoNH Hot Frog Slime Hot Sauce

Growing up in New Hampshire, you tend to see a lot of nature. Nor-easters, Thunderstorms, beautiful mountains, lush green forests, plants, animals, and frogs… - lots and lots of frogs! Whenever it rains it seems like they are everywhere: on your lawn, in the pool, on the driveways and roads. It can be very trying to maneuver through them during late afternoon rain showers while running out to pick up groceries. Try as they may, some frogs forgot to look both ways. Inevitably, on occasion, some go S-P-L-A-T!!! This green colored elixir was created in remembrance of all those frogs that did not make it… which brings me to my favorite joke:

“Why did the frog cross the road?”

Answer - “He wanted some delicious hot sauce!!!”

*No frogs were harmed in the making of this Hot Sauce.

Hunka Hunka Burning Maple Hot Sauce Logo

Finding your true best friend, can be life-changing and delicious! There’s nothing better than seeing two best friends enjoying each other’s company and creating a bond like no other. So when I am selling Hot Sauce, and my best friend is selling maple syrup, naturally we thought to put them together forever... just like us! Hot and sweet combinations can be found all over the globe. Like a ying to a yang, it often leads to something amazing... Hunka Hunka Burning Maple! As it turns out, opposites do attract! Enjoy the savory sweet deliciousness, of our Hunka Hunka Burning Maple Hot Sauce! Special thanks to Bentonâ’s Sugar Shack for supplying the delicious maple syrup. Sweet and spicy never tasted so good!